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Los Angeles, CA, United States
Unique places and the people who inhabit them have always inspired me. But as a former journalist, I also know that there's a story hiding behind almost every corner, and I try to bring some of those stories to light as an independent filmmaker focusing on documentary content. I'm also the Upper School Film Teacher at an independent school in Brentwood, CA, and I provide freelance video production services to a variety of commercial and nonprofit clients in the Los Angeles area. Lastly, I'm a licensed and certified commercial drone operator, with aerial cinematography experience in both cinematic and commercial contexts. To find out how I can help with your next video project or documentary film, please email me at preskill@gmail.com or check out my Production Services page for more information.

Work Samples

Recent clients include: Brentwood School, National Veterans Foundation, Ford Motor Company, Skechers, Lawyers Without Borders, The Heinz Foundation, Green Dot Public Schools, West Point Films, Urban Hyena Productions, Peninsula Entertainment

Golden Dot Awards 2016 - Principal of the Year from Adam Preskill on Vimeo.

"More Than Me Academy" - First Look Trailer from Adam Preskill on Vimeo.

Adam Preskill - Editing Reel from Adam Preskill on Vimeo.